Welcome to Ghost of ST Louis. GOSTL
Paranormal is a team of Paranormal
Investigators based in the greater ST Louis
Missouri area and serving the surrounding
areas in Missouri and Illinois, We are a
dedicated paranormal group to assist
residents and businesses with paranormal
activity. With this being stated, please note
that depending on the location of a potential
client, we may not be able to accept every
investigation due to distance of travel. If this
does occur, please note that we are
supporters of "PARANORMAL UNITY" and
work with many paranormal teams and
investigators around the United States. If we
are unable to accept the investigation, we
will gladly, with your permission, find you a
paranormal team that we have respect and
trust in to help you with your claims.  
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answer. We will try to
have updated questions.
Please check back often.
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Ghost of ST Louis
Lemp Mansion in ST Louis and to the right is the Little Hills
Winery in ST Charles. Please click on the pictures to be taken
to their websites.

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